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  • Easy to install, no hacking, drilling needed.
  • Easily attach or detach from all seated toilet bowls.
  • No special tools required for installation.
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Ideal for private, public and commercial buildings
  • International standard 4-point interface, hose universal
  • Imported ABS plastic / stainless steel water outlet panel
  • Supercharged environmental protection, water purification design, removable and washable
  • Reasonably design the size of the water hole and the layout of the opening to achieve efficient use. The effect of the water flow is assisted by the power shaft. After the water is passed, the shower water is strong and powerful, the impact force is greatly enhanced, and the feeling of refreshing bathing is felt.
  • Electroplating periphery, high-grade appearance as long as new
  • Fits right under the sink or in the fridge Double roller rotation receive a case
  • Use double roller rotating storage box to instantly reduce clutter in your cabinets
  • The 2 circular, rotating tables provide easy access to find whatever you need. Stack multiple units of the same size to gain even more storage space
  • Keep smaller items neatly organized
  • NO DISTORTION: My Fold-Away doesn't distort reflection, showing you, only the real YOU.
  • Collapsible: Our mirror collapses for convenience, and the base has 3 compartments for storing beauty accessories.
  • LED light-illuminated: Use our mirror wherever, whenever. The LED bulbs are ultra bright and lasts indefinitely.
  • Double Sided: No mirror is complete with a magnified side. The secondary mirror features a whopping 10x magnification to get detailed work done, and the anterior side has an accurate 1x magnification for general purposes.
  • Size: Extends to 11 inches tall. Mirror frame : 5 inches across