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Moisturizing soap, make skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Improve skin problems such as itching sweat skin.

Can be used everyday.

Ingredients: Natural coconut oil, natural Aloe Vera essence, Water 


• Muscle training gear with six point pads for your abs. Lightweight, ultra thin – doesn’t wear you down. Use it while watching TV, doing your housework, in the car (not as the driver), exercising, jogging at the office. Can be affixed under the clothes. No messy wires or cables that restrict your movements. 

• Easy to use, non-complicated device. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included). 



Material: High-quality Steel, Plastic, Rubber & Cotton

Color: Random Color Product

Size: 29 x 13cm

Product Weight: 430g

This self -suction sit-up bar is designed to free your hands and do exercises on your own. It is compact and lightweight, very convenient for home workout and traveling.


Strong: Sturdy steel frame is built for extreme durability, great assistance for waist/abdomen/leg/body shaping, butt lift and muscle toning.

Stable Support: Natural rubber sucker firmly grips the floor to ensure a safe and stable stand for your training.

Max. bear capacity: 330lbs.

Adjustable Height: Soft, thick foam handles are comfortable against your feet and prevent chafing.

Adjustable height to fit different needs.

Wide Applicability: Suitable for smooth surfaces like tiles, concrete-cured, marble, timber / wooden floors, make sure the floor and suckers are clean.

Compact and Lightweight: Space saving and very convenient for storage and carrying wherever you go. 


Ready stocks available. Brand New & High Quality Perfume Parfum Spray Long Lasting

Available variants: Lime Basil & Mandarin Wild Bluebell Red Roses Wood Sage & Sea Salt English Pear & Freesia 

  • Cutting body lightweight, light and comfort. Special streamline shape, not the same sensory impact.
  • Outer wear fashion, wearing invisible.
  • Two leg type: two wearing method; an effect: beautify the leg type. Either sleep or shopping, read a book or exercise, can continue to use.
  • Day and night, can be used anywhere at any time. Walking correction, plastic leg.
  • Bandy legs, slayed legs, a set of solution. Strengthen the pulling force, the better effect.
  • Special strengthened: waist-leg type integrated regulation.
  • Flexible and durable, not easy to be out of shape.
  • High-tech unit with a wireless and 360degree controller without obstacle.
  • High sensitivity intelligent chip to ensure sensitive and reliable wireless receiving.
  • Easy operation and convenient using method.
  • Replaceable large gel pad which massage larger area.
  • Use by 2 AAA size battery (not included)

Directly stick to the eyelashes and need no additional glue. Material: imported high-grade fiber Light and flexible, no burden for your eyes. You can make up as soon as wearing the false eyelashes. The black adhesive tape can even replace the liquid eyeliner.



1. the material is non fuzz OK fabric composite 25mm diving material.

2. the process adopts four pin six line splicing and upper and lower herringbone car side binding, which is comfortable to wear.

3. the ankles protect the ankles, which can be adjusted freely according to the size of their ankles.

  • Improve charm in 5 minutes
  • Intense effect
  • Light smell
  • Good review and feedbacks
  • High content (50ml)
  • Grab people attention
  • Stimulate sexual desire
  • Increase confident
  • Improve relationship
  • P1 unadjustable Trainer Kit Pro is suitable for beginners and professionals.
  • Provide a full range of anchoring solutions so you can work anywhere indoors or outdoors.
  • With the door anchor you can use the fitness trainer in every door.
  • The Extension Attachment Anchor allows you to reach higher pull-up bars or even enclose larger objects.
  • Home Gym Fitness: including reinforced door anchors that hold fast and do not slip, do not worry about going to the gym in hot summer and cold winter or rainy days. And you can also easily bring this resistance exercise equipment to the gym with other crossfit exercises.
  • Power Floss Water Jet is the quick and easy way to floss anytime, anywhere
  • Just fill the base with water and press the button
  • Steady stream of air propels the water or mouthwash to remove plaque and debris from your teeth
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to reach your back teeth and clean where food can build up
  • No cords or batteries needed, so it's easy to use anywhere
  • Provides multi-posture support
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Removable and replaceable inner pillow
  • Non-woven liner
  • Soft linen texture that is gentle to the skin
  • Inner material is filled with soft cotton for maximal comfort
  • Size: One size fits all, Suitable for people who are 155cm-175cm tall and weigh less than 170 pounds.
  • Hand wash and machine wash can be recommended, hand wash, warm water can be at room temperature, do not use bleach, do not exposure.
  • The weight loss effect of the microcapsules is continuous, and the fragrance gradually fades to disappear after about 20-30 times of washing.
  • The use of high-breathable fabrics and special weaving at the buttocks, abdomen and joints ensure that the perspiration is quickly drained while the abdomen is being lifted. Suitable for walking, exercising, going to work or even sleeping. It's no problem wearing it all the time.
  • 澳洲YPL瘦身裤,均码,适合155-175cm,体重170斤以下人群,利用远红外胶囊技术, 能够活化分解脂肪细胞,纤维上还附着数百万颗富含瘦身因子的微胶囊,10倍加速能量转换和脂肪燃烧。

Fenzhan Lemon with Sea Salt slimming cream helps you to lose excess fat

Say goodbye to your small radish + butterfly sleeve + pine scorpion belly

✅ lazy sports beauty

✅ Product is absorbed in seconds, not sticky


Tips: Just use a slimming cream and a moderate amount of force to push up.

❌ No need to pair with too many massage products to immediately absorb the feeling [best for lazy massage beauty] 


Product Information:

Brand: PMODA

Name: Pheromone Perfume

Category: Flirting Perfume

Applicable to: Adults

Specification: 3ml/Bottle

Preservation: Preserve away from light

Function: Attract opposite sex, enhance confidence, improve interest

  • Brightens and Whitens teeth.
  • Helps remove stains.
  • Helps remove and prevent plaque buildup.
  • Helps prevent cavities.
  • Provides a long-lasting smooth, clean and fresh feel.
  • Refreshing
  • No harmful peroxides
  • Natural fruity flavour to leave your mouth all-day freshness


Ingredients : Baking soda, natural herbal extracts

Flavor : Blueberry, Passion fruit

Weight : 220g